About the Trekker

Mr. Srinath

Take a peek outside your window. Watch as the sun shines through the glass or the rain drips down the pane. The world outside your window is an absolutely inspirational place. And where nature lies, there is a potential for exploration

“Returning home is the most difficult part of long-distance hiking; You have grown outside the puzzle and your piece no longer fits.” This can only be done by an well experienced professional Backpacker.

We are here Backing packing for almost 15 years in Munnar. We are well aware of most of the trickiest trekking routes the city. Our team guarantees you full satisfaction and makes you to feel complete trek so you can witness the natural sunrise which you never experienced before. We are hired by almost all the top tourist home, cottage and resorts in the locality because of our professional service that we provide while trekking. And our names are well spread among our foreign customers who usually visit Munnar for this memorable Backpack with us. We provide a top notch facility of trek to the foreigners according to the ability of how much they can travel with us.

As climbers and travelers, the Great Outdoors is our oasis. It gives a feeling of satisfaction and quietness. As you trek up the best mountains in Munnar, getting to be ‘unified with nature’ turns into a fact. Climbing does that, you turn out to be more mindful of your environment; the fresh breeze conveying leaves past and stimulating your neck or simply the snaps and breaks of twigs at your feet. Each sense fortifies and a serene smoothness pushes every one of your stresses away.

Climbing has numerous medical advantages as well. It is demonstrated to lift innovativeness, and helps those affliction despondency. We as a whole can self improvement a bit by climbing, whether it be quite recently dropping the innovation at the entryway for a couple of hours, or getting some genuinely necessary work out, nature is standing by. Also, if the apparently unlimited advantages to climbing don’t motivate a jump towards experience, then these quotes by a portion of the best journalists, naturalists, voyagers, and scholars who see the outright excellence that exists outside are certain to whisk you out the entryway.

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